About Us

Our Mission

MnEEP transforms systems, structures and public narratives to advance race equity and excellence in education.

Our Vision

We envision a racially just society in which each student achieves their full potential.

A better Minnesota means that, together, we are committed to race equity and educational excellence for all students.

Our Values

Minnesota Education Equity Partnership holds these core beliefs in the work we do:

Equity Matters.

We believe all children deserve to achieve their full potential, regardless of race, creed, nationality or class.

Justice Matters.

We believe in the validity of all lived experiences.

Critical Thinking and Self-Actualization Matters.

We believe academic success cannot be narrowly defined. The ability for students to be engaged learners and to understand themselves, their histories, their identities, and the world is essential for building critical thinking and self-actualization skills and to release their power in shaping themselves and the world.

History Matters.

We believe the histories and treatment of communities of color and low-income people in our society are important for understanding and changing  current-day institutions, policies, and practices. We cannot address these inequities by first not understanding the complexity of these histories within our communities.

Relationships Matter.

We believe in the interconnectedness of community to change systems and the world. Cross-cultural dynamics matter in our work and collaborative relationships are key to changing the world.

Educational Excellence

Educational excellence involves achieving the skills and knowledge needed to prosper in Minnesota’s diverse and rapidly evolving social and economic context. It embraces the various career aspirations present among all students ranging from science to the humanities and from the public to the private.

In this context, Minnesota Education Equity Partnership understands its work as addressing the “opportunity gap” .

This means systemically reforming how we deliver education as opposed to trying to “fix” students. The change Minnesota Education Equity Partnership  seeks is to have educators and policy makers challenge themselves to align schools, colleges and universities with the gifts that exist in students of color and American Indian students.

Minnesota Education Equity Partnership believes that collaborative action offers the best way to align our education system with communities of color. A multi-cultural, multi-racial society requires building dynamic relationships between students, their parents and educators. We therefore construct public engagement activities that bring them together into collaborative dialogue and planning, leading to student and parent empowerment.

Race Equity in turn requires an understanding of racism and how it impacts the lives of all citizens and especially of students of color and American Indian students. That understanding informs the need to provide these students with the correct kind and level of resources, delivered in the most appropriate manner, that may well at times differ among various student groups.

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