Elevating the Teaching Profession with ImprintU.Org

TeachMN2020 is a campaign to increase the number of teachers of color by 2020. Through partnerships and collaborations, we are developing unique tools that will increase awareness, outreach, and support of prospective teachers of color and American Indian teachers.

A new interactive website, Imprint,  is a space for public engagement to help elevate the teaching profession, particularly within communities of color. The website will provide easy access to relevant resources for exploring and understanding the various pathways to the teaching profession, and amplify the voices of broader, multi-racial stakeholder groups.

Imprint connects prospective educators to the real impact they can make on students, communities, and the world, and serves to inspire new narratives about the teaching profession and new approaches to collaboration.

The goal is to advance new policies in Minnesota to move the needle on attracting and retaining racially diverse and effective teachers in Minnesota’s classrooms. Ultimately, the movement will also advance a funding framework that will lead to powerful public policy.

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